TCG's staff has extensive investigative experience. Prior to undertaking interviews, TCG will consult with the institution to determine the investigative strategy and the policies and procedures to follow. TCG can conduct all or a portion of the institution's investigative interviews. In the alternative, TCG can supplement the investigative activities of the institution's legal counsel or compliance staff. TCG will work closely with the institution in order to limit its monetary exposure when hiring outside assistance.

Due to Mr. Smrt's extensive experience on the NCAA Enforcement Staff, he has a very detailed knowledge of NCAA and other athletic organizations'  enforcement processes and procedures. He and other TCG staff can serve as a consultant to the institution's investigative team on various issues in the investigation such as:

  • Assessing case seriousness at any point during the institution's investigative process. A part of this assessment is to assist in the determination of whether the available information supports that a finding should be made. 

  • Assisting in the determination of appropriate corrective and punitive actions, including disciplinary measures against institutional personnel.

  • Preparing a report on whether a potential violation is Level I, II, III, or IV or secondary or major.

  • Assisting the institution in preparing for a hearing. Mr. Smrt has been in attendance at over 100 hearings before the Committee on Infractions and can counsel an institution for its appearance before the Committee. Mr. Smrt also is available to appear with the institution.