Chuck Smrt

Chuck is the President of TCG.  He was employed by the NCAA Enforcement Staff for over 17 years.  For many of those years, he was responsible for the overall coordination of the major infractions process.  While in that position, he was involved in the decision-making process of whether to allege violations, including examining case precedent to determine whether the case was secondary or major and whether allegations of institutional control and unethical conduct should be filed.  He has been present at over 100 hearings before the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

In 1999, the NCAA National Office moved to Indianapolis, and the Smrt family elected to remain in Kansas City.  A few months later, Chuck started TCG in November 1999.  Since that time, Chuck has been involved in providing conference and institutional assistance in reviewing information concerning possible violations and conducting general and specialized compliance reviews.

Prior to his NCAA employment, Chuck worked at Virginia Commonwealth University, taught an undergraduate class in information collection and analysis, and was involved in developing strategic plans for local, state, regional, and public organizations.

Chuck received both his undergraduate and master's degrees from Indiana University where he was a football student-athlete.​​