NCAA Member Institutions
TCG has provided compliance and academic reviews, investigative assistance, and strategic planning to many NCAA institutions.  For a partial list of NCAA member institutions in which TCG has provided service, please click here.

NCAA Conferences and Other Groups
TCG has worked with several NCAA conferences and Affiliates to:  (i) conduct compliance reviews for member institutions;(ii) provide investigative assistance to a member institution; (iii) provide sports wagering newsletters for student-athletes and athletics administrators; (iv) assist in their strategic-planning process; and (v) conduct presentations to conference staff and members concerning investigating techniques, boosters, etc.  For a complete list of NCAA conferences in which TCG has provided services, please click here.

Other TCG Clients
TCG has provided a variety of services to non-NCAA groups (including national associations, two-year institutions, and individual, state, and national interscholastic organizations), which consists of the updating a NCAA Division I Audit Guide, development of a NCAA Division II Audit Guide, serving as an  "expert witness", etc.  For a complete list of these clients, please click here.
TCG Clients
The Compliance Group